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Phillip Stevens

'A distinctively designed monument situated in the heart of Barcelona'

Phillip Stevens, 12th March 2018

Ali Morris

'Real luxury is based upon space as well as the look and feel of the building'

Ali Morris, 21st March 2018

Juliana Neira

'A luxury experience on par with the world’s leading five star hotels, all within a private, residential setting'

Juliana Neira, 21st March 2018

Anna Temkin

'Barcelona’s first super-prime residential development'

Anna Temkin, 23rd March 2018

Andrea Watson

'The conversion of a landmark building in one of Barcelona’s best residential addresses'

Andrea Watson, 27th March 2018

Julia Kudrevatova

'An intricate elliptical building in Barcelona'

Julia Kudrevatova, 3rd April 2018

Zoe Dickens

'Luxury urban homes reimagined by Marcio Kogan and Squircle Capital'

Zoe Dickens, 12th April 208

Jonathan Wells

'A remarkable development in a neighbourhood already revered for its chic taste'

Jonathan Wells, 17th April 2018

Zoe Dare Hall

'Each apartment comes with six underground spaces - in a city where having even one parking space is practically unheard of'

Zoe Dare Hall, 8th May 2018

Eva Olavarria

'Real luxury is in the longstanding sustainability'

Eva Olavarria, 9th May 2018

Ana Basualdo

'Rehabilitado y diseñado por el prestigioso arquitecto brasileño Marcio Kogan, con la colaboración de José Caireta, cofundador de Squircle Capital, promotora de este proyecto icónico'

Ana Basualdo, 28th May 2018

David Taylor

'Barcelona's first super prime fully-serviced residential real estate'

David Taylor, June 2018 edition

Immy Smith

'A glimpse of what future residents can expect from Barcelona's most luxurious homes'

Immy Smith, June 2018 edition

Edwin Heathcote

'Mid-century block revamp brings top-end living to Barcelona'

Edwin Heathcote, 3rd July 2018

Sophie Killip

'The building’s unique shape offers 360 degree views around the city from each apartment'

Sophie Killip, 9th July 2018

Claire Pilton

'The first super-prime fully serviced residential building in Barcelona'

Claire Pilton, 30th July 2018

Claire Pilton

'What started life as a 1960s office block is now a luxury listed landmark'

Claire Pilton, 2nd August 2018

Claire Pilton

'The sophisticated design scheme ensures nothing detracts from the 360-degree views of the city'

Claire Pilton, 2nd August 2018

Claire Pilton

'The amenities are fit for a five-star hotel'

Claire Pilton, 5th August 2018

Rémi Bourbonneux

'Les icones du design s’enchaînent'

Rémi Bourbonneux, 28th August 2018

Cathy Hawker

'A sophisticated collection of homes in an elegant city'

Cathy Hawker, 23rd September 2018

Cathy Hawker

'A signature design with unique beauty'

Cathy Hawker, 24th September 2018

Zoe Dare Hall

'Luxury living that is world's apart'

Zoe Dare Hall, 18th October 2018

Lucia Junco Quintanal

'Máxima exclusividad con el estilo de Marcio Kogan. Cada vivienda ocupa una planta de 600 m2'

Lucia Junco Quintanal, 26th October 2018

Julia Kudrevatova

'The floor to ceiling windows in each apartment showcase dramatic views across the city'

Julia Kudrevatova, 29th October 2018

Zoe Dare Hall

'Each of the vast residences come with six underground parking spaces'

Zoe Dare Hall, 21st November 2018

Amy Dobson

'Considered the city's first superprime residential development.... each curvilinear shaped floor has been turned into its own luxury residence measuring approximately 6,500 square feet'

Amy Dobson, 30th November 2018